About Me

I live in Paradise.  Half a mile of one of the cleanest rivers in America flows by my window.  My neighbors are bald eagles, pileated woodpeckers, river otters, deer, grey foxes, crows, wood frogs, orioles, and lots of butterflies.  I want to share who and what I see with you.  And I hope my art and thoughts might prompt you to make your corner of our great Mother Earth a little safer, more beautiful, and friendlier to all the two leggeds and four leggeds and winged.  They free all our souls.

I came to art at the magical age of 50.  It happened to my grandmother too.  Perhaps 50 is the age that the confidence light goes on in women like me.  I know that I now do things because they matter to me rather than trying to please others.  I do them for the process rather than the outcome.  I do them because there is beauty and love and joy bursting out of me.  I hope it will make your light a little brighter.

I digitally abstract our native butterflies and moths with the plants they need to raise their caterpillars.  We have lost 40% of our butterflies.  It's time to shine a light on the native plants, usually called weeds, that are so vital to all of creation for food, shelter, and beauty.

My digital work is full of energy because of my mono print process which captures the true plant energy of leaves in fabric dye on watercolor paper.  When the plant is in full glory, each leaf pushes out wide auras.  When the plant is done for the season, the print only captures the shape of the leaf.  My photograph of the mono print full of plant energy is the bottom layer of my digital process and it enlivens all the successive layers of the final digital print.

I'm just now learning to draw and paint.  As time goes on I will include some of them in my blogs and maybe a gallery.