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I've been taking photos to watercolor.  

My friend Shelley O. got this latest addiction started and is very supportive.  Here's her favorite of my work so far.

 I like to do multiple studies to learn and play.  Our art group had the challenge last week of working in the style of our favorite artist.  I've loved Kandinsky since I found the little book of his work on my grandmother's coffee table.  It turns out he had a circle period. But I get ahead of myself.  Here's the moment I was struggling to capture.

Getting that burst of light is easy with a camera...and a huge challenge for me in watercolor.  Here's my first smeary attempt.

And the second,  green light....grrr....but I like the rocks.

And now for Kandinsky's influence.  If I can't get it representationally I can abstract. the light ...white, dark green, yellow

and the leaves and trees have such great angles and collor contrast:

And putting it all together...

Here's my favorite of mine so far.

The original scene looked like this.

So my skill doesn't match Paradise.  Yet.  Luckily I get to keep practicing.  This is next.

It seems to always be something new. Just the way I like it.




You are attempt are really nice. All photos are really something new and very special one. I like your paintings so much. That's the very nice post you have shared with us. Please keep sharing more and more your paintings. Thanks for sharing and all the best for your future work.

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