Solstice Celebration


Solstice was at 11:11 yesterday.  Our celebration began at Dee and Rex's.  We decorated their lovely corner of Paradise with all sorts of goodies for the critters.  The deer were definitely watching and waiting until we left.  

There was lots of joy and enthusiasm.

Diane was smart and spread out the suet on the trees.

The apple eyes had just fallen off when I snapped this.

Some of us helped one another.

We moved to our house next.  I had a fire left over from the November Full Moon drumming when it rained.  This seemed like the right moment to enjoy it as it will wash away in the spring floods.  

I had a lot of fun watching the deer jump back as they discovered 'people paths' throught heir territory.  I also discovered a flying squirrel nest in one of Dad's woodduck houses when I was shoveling. A bonus to know we have them in the woods.  

  The party continued with lots of poetry, including a fabulous original poem by Shelley Odendahl.  We didn't get to Joyful Noise with Peg Carlson and I'm looking forward to that  at our next drum group.  There were new friends.  We drummed at Deb and Sid's around a nice warm fire.  I lost any interest in my camera as I enjoyed our first Soltice Celebration in Paradise.  This morning I feel refreshed, grateful, and completely blessed.  

Here's our fire.








How enjoyable, know how to have fun!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Kim Jensch

Thanks Kim. We did have fun. Have a great time celebrating the holidays with your family. And keep posting those great pics!

The perfect celebration paradise with all sorts of goodies for the critters and developing the decorated their lovely critters. The joy and best esseys enthusiasm and offering the perfect technical aspects and more suet on the trees.

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