Sleeping on the Porch

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I fell asleep on the screen porch last evening.  Let me tell you about it.  The breeze was cool and fresh coming off the river.  And the rapids upstream and downstream were singing to one another as the water continues to drop from spring flooding to summer swimming levels.  The fish and whale whistles around the window sills considered joining in.  

The barred owl sang "Who cooks for you" from across the river all night.  A couple felted fleeces I'm doing the final fluff on came in handy as the chlll of the quiet darkness fell in.  

I'm so happy in the woods.  I often tell Allen that I am more wild animal in nature than a human person.  By that I mean I am very shy and quite curious.  A mink exemplified these qualities yesterday on the trail when it popped its head out of a hollow limb in the tree sheltering the hole this raccoon is coming out of.

And smart.  Wild animals are smart in my opinion.  This crow has been hunting by scaring the goldfinches into flying into our window.  It then takes the stunned individual back to its nest to feed its babies.  Only one crow.  For days now using our window as a tool.  There are still lots of goldfinches.  There's a tao in all of that.


And wild creatures have a beauty that is unique to them.  I try to let mine show without being a showoff.  Art is a nice way to do that.  

And wild creatures have boundaries and opinions and don't worry too much about the b word.

And sometimes they are funny.  This Rose Breasted Grosbeak could tell you about the chipmunk who has come in the house six times in the past two days.  I keep finding it.  When it sees me it says, "okay okay you caught me again.  I know where the door is." and it goes out the door.  I leave the doors open for Erwin the cat.  

And then there are the trees.  I feel safest among the trees.  Safety is a big deal to wild creatures and me.  So i've ben planting lots of trees with lots of help from Allen and Deb.  We've planted spruce for warmth for the short legged four leggeds in the snowy winters.  Conifers of all sorts to protect the site lines on the deer trails.  White Pines and Oaks for my soaring soul.  Juneberries, dogwoods, plums, crabapples, and viburnums of all sorts for berries and shelter for the furry and winged as well as fall color to remind me to prepare to come in for the winter.  

I've joined the war on buckthorn and cleared large swaths of the woods.  No one likes buckthorn.  In one large thicket there is only one deer/fox trail through it.  I never see anyone else using it at all.  

in the areas I removed it, this spring we're blessed with an abundance of wildflowers.  They help me know my place in this world.  The greeks have a word for it: sophrosone.  To know one's place.  Wild flowers teach it to me.  Walk gently and consiously.  Be aware of this moment as the next will be very different.  And even when there are many gathered together, each is important of its own contribution to the beauty and glory of everything.  

It's nice to have friends....that's what brings me out of the woods to see the rest of you.

And learning to speak chipmunk.  

Have a great spring.  Plant a tree.



I've slept there. It is lovely. So is the bedside orchid.

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