Sexing Chicks with Sarah

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I used to go visit Sarah at her house.  Now she's always at the new chicken coop.  And, I must say, it's a delightful place to hang out.  Sarah has a great sense of serenity when she's fussing over these rapidly growing chicks.  

They are fascinating.  Each seems to have a different personality.  

Some stick their necks out.  Others are more cautious.  While we were sexing the chicks I was asking Sarah's advice about something that was bothering me.  She listened. Later in the day I noticed that she had pulled the silver lining through in the gentlest of manners.  Such cool gal.  I' learning form her as well as the chicks.


Metaphor for life...stretching our wings.  I admire Sarah for her gumption to take on the care of these precious souls.  They are so vulnerable.  Aren't we all vulnerable when we embark on something new or important?  Can we really learn something without being vulnerable?  

Sexing chicks turns out to be a dignified process.  We get to look at the nose end rather than the other.  I rosy crest and the beginnings of a wattle get a check in the rooster box.  No wattle and a pale crest a check in the hen box.  Sarah has 10 dignified roosters and 14 happy hens.   

And their feathers are coming in in different colors.  Like all of us.  

And then there are the sentris.

Supervision is hard work.

Hard work.

And pure joy! Thank you Sarah!  I'm your biggest and the other chicks.




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