Rethinking Art and Life

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"2015 is the year to let my art change," says I.  Well, it is mid-July and just that is happening.  

I've taken the year off of doing art fairs except for the recent one in Zumbrota, my hometown, and our now-annual Holiday Boutique here on Joplin Street.  I love being at fairs and chatting with people about their art and mine.  I don't like getting ready for fairs rushing to make stuff that people have bought in the past.  When I'm busy with the old, the new gets put off.  

And I knew I wanted to learn to draw. My friend Denise Morris says drawing is a skill and that anyone can do it with practice.  I took her up on that notion and have been drawing and painting.  I'm not very good yet, but I sure do enjoy it.  I love trying to capture the personalities of my neighbors here in the woods.  

These two are my next try: This is my current challenge.  We have a male Pileated that is personality plus.  The photo is a day it was raining and he was irritated that I was taking pictures of him rather than stopping the rain.  I'm getting him.  More detail and or a start over...not sure yet.  Starting over is just fine as he is good company.

One of the local art groups has a call for miniature art. Most of my stuff is big, so I'm trying small with these three all less than 4 inches.

I'm also making some lamps out of leaf prints with my friend Ro.  She's a gardener, so I thought she'd get a kick out of seeing the plants show their energy. She and Allen put the first coat of epoxy on them this morning.  Lamps by Friday noon.  Spending time with friends doing art often more fun that doing it myself. 

There's been an untimely death in our community.  Bill Love.  I get to donate some of my recent work for the silent auction that ends at 4.  It's at the Ogilvie Civic Center this Saturday, July 11, from 11-5.  A number of local artists are donating, including Angie Goulet who does traditional crafitng of jewelry, dream catchers and the like.  There's a spaghetti feed too.   Please come if you can.  Gathering community.

Art.  Woods. Time with friends.  That's what's important to me right now.



PS And petting kittens Gracie reminds me.


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