PVC Flutes

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I have become completely obsessed with these plastic flutes! I love to play them.  I love making them.  And I especially like 'fitting' them to people.  Each one has it's own sound and personality. Here's what I mean by that.  This first video is of a stong C that sounds like an A.  

Here's a normal Cminor.

This next one is a gentle G minor. 

And here is a normal G minor

At least they make me feel differently when I play them.  Allen and Deb and Margie have all picked out E minors and each of them could have chosen one another's flutes but chose their own.  I just love that.  

And i've found through the last two serious bouts of CFS that I can make flutes when my brain isn't working for anything else and my nervous system is so blown that I can't be around people.  Joy to find a peaceful way to pass that horrible time.

I got a couple of books and did a lot of internet research on how to make them.  Mostly lies.  Gauntlet down. I was going to figure them out.  Our local ACE hardware store has been givng me discount prices on PVC because I'm an artist.  I cut up a broom handle to make the first fipples and mouth pieces.  Some trial and error and I was able to tune prototypes in each key.  

I make C, A, G, and E minor standardly as they all play together in the key of C minor.  I have a few Csharp Minors and a few C majors.  Eventually I'll make all the majors too, but I really prefer the minors in the lower notes because it is more like the wind. 

So now I have lots of pretty flutes.  So I put them up on my website with little clips playing each one.  I don't care if no one buys one.  It has been so much fun to do the videos.  Here's the link to my flutes if you're interested.  http://laurirockne.indiemade.com/catalog/pentatonic-flutes

Especially this tutorial featuring Burdock the cat!  

Enjoy your bad days!



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