Pinching myself

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Have you ever felt so blessed that it just can't be real?  I feel that way these days.  I have every need met, plus my friend here.  He runs across our feet when we're working in the garage.

Today I'm a bit lazy recovering from the art fair season.  I did Bayfront by myself to prove to my aging self that I can still strike out on my own. The rain came in toward the end of the show and a number of us closed up early.  Before I knew it 5 other women were all helping me strike the tent and load the car.  The rain came in buckets the minute I got in and shut the door.  I lead a charmed life.  

I took the camera down the trail the other morning. The deer flies have gone and the mosquitos are few.  The benches along the trail welcome cameras and sketch pads.  

 Deb wants to have art stations in the woods. I think she's art.

This is the third time I've found myself in a group of really good friends.  I'm pinching myself because it is so nice to be able to be myself and not face judgement or jealousies.  We just pull together to support one another with the strong stuff life brings.  And inspire one another creatively.  I feel so blessed.  

The woods is really coming back from all my buckthorn pulling.  She has brought so many wild flowers and volunteer trees.  Next spring I won't have to buy many trees, I'll just transplant the many basswood and oaks and pines here in the woods.  The elderberry is coming in strongly as the buckthorn goes.  Elderberry is a great river bank stabilizer, has edible berries for birds and critters and us, and has hollow stems for the native bees to make their homes in.  

Chuck isn't missing many meals.  It turns out that woodchucks hibernate for almost nine months of the year.  No wonder....such plump guys might be too tempting for foxes and other predators here in the woods.

There are two pairs of juvenile grey foxes coming to the yard.  This guy is nearly adult now.  The others are not much bigger than our cat.  

And it has been a banner year for amphibians.  Toads sunning everywhere.  And frogs trying to hide, but too curious to really hide.

And this guy imitating the Buddha.

So I guess it's gratitude.  Nice way to start the day.  



Love your perspective! Thanks. K

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