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National Turtle Day


Facebook told me it is National Turtle Day, so it must be.  Usually, Hallmark tells us what day it is.  I'm not good at Hallmark holidays, but National Turtle Day seemed like a good time to see if I can catch the extremely shy Spiney Softshell turtles that scramble into the water the minute I open the door with the intention of looking at them!

 It is a sunny day.

Sexing Chicks with Sarah

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I used to go visit Sarah at her house.  Now she's always at the new chicken coop.  And, I must say, it's a delightful place to hang out.  Sarah has a great sense of serenity when she's fussing over these rapidly growing chicks.  

They are fascinating.  Each seems to have a different personality.  

Rethinking Art and Life

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"2015 is the year to let my art change," says I.  Well, it is mid-July and just that is happening.  

I've taken the year off of doing art fairs except for the recent one in Zumbrota, my hometown, and our now-annual Holiday Boutique here on Joplin Street.  I love being at fairs and chatting with people about their art and mine.  I don't like getting ready for fairs rushing to make stuff that people have bought in the past.  When I'm busy with the old, the new gets put off.  

New Butterfly and Moths with their Host Plants...first peek


Well Goodness Gracie! I spent a month in the winter dolldrums, the first for me.  Here are the images that pulled me out of it.  They will be debuting at the Pine Center for the Arts on March 13, 2015.  And I thank the East Central Regional Arts Council for funding this endeavor.  

I call this Contemplating the Abyss.  This Tawny Emperor chose to spend her last moments with me. She can help


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I've been taking photos to watercolor.  

My friend Shelley O. got this latest addiction started and is very supportive.  Here's her favorite of my work so far.

PVC Flutes

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I have become completely obsessed with these plastic flutes! I love to play them.  I love making them.  And I especially like 'fitting' them to people.  Each one has it's own sound and personality. Here's what I mean by that.  This first video is of a stong C that sounds like an A.  

Here's a normal Cminor.

Pinching myself

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Have you ever felt so blessed that it just can't be real?  I feel that way these days.  I have every need met, plus my friend here.  He runs across our feet when we're working in the garage.

The Art of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Today I have the symptom I have the most trouble with in this multi-symptom odessy.  I feel like I can't connect to my world.  It's emotional.  I'm not sure if I just don't have the skill to handle it, or I'm not tough enough, or if the world is just an illusion and it really isn't worth the effort to try to connect to it.  

Sleeping on the Porch

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I fell asleep on the screen porch last evening.  Let me tell you about it.  The breeze was cool and fresh coming off the river.  And the rapids upstream and downstream were singing to one another as the water continues to drop from spring flooding to summer swimming levels.  The fish and whale whistles around the window sills considered joining in.  

Solstice Celebration


Solstice was at 11:11 yesterday.  Our celebration began at Dee and Rex's.  We decorated their lovely corner of Paradise with all sorts of goodies for the critters.  The deer were definitely watching and waiting until we left.  

There was lots of joy and enthusiasm.

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