July 2015

Sexing Chicks with Sarah

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I used to go visit Sarah at her house.  Now she's always at the new chicken coop.  And, I must say, it's a delightful place to hang out.  Sarah has a great sense of serenity when she's fussing over these rapidly growing chicks.  

They are fascinating.  Each seems to have a different personality.  

Rethinking Art and Life


"2015 is the year to let my art change," says I.  Well, it is mid-July and just that is happening.  

I've taken the year off of doing art fairs except for the recent one in Zumbrota, my hometown, and our now-annual Holiday Boutique here on Joplin Street.  I love being at fairs and chatting with people about their art and mine.  I don't like getting ready for fairs rushing to make stuff that people have bought in the past.  When I'm busy with the old, the new gets put off.